Monday, March 18, 2013


Another Oscar classic: The 1990 epic from Kevin Costner.
This version is the least original, since there are special issues very similar to mine...
But as I have no idea where to find money to buy it, I decided to redesign it my way.

The official edition which I speak is that you can see around the text. May notice that many of the elements are also visible in my DVD Box.


Dances With Wolves comes encased in a transparent case. So for not gathering dust. And to not get crushed with other boxes.

The material surrounding the DVD is REAL fur! Do not know if of a fox or alien creature ...

Like a Matrioska ...
Inside still has another protective cover for the DVD. Just because I had to find a way to compile the photos and images on the case.

The traditional small detail: A feather (Pigeon. Caught from the floor. Washed, of course. I'm not crazy, dude) and another thing that was in my drawer and sat there perfectly.
Sometimes those junk who do not know what to do with them, do not send them to trash: Recycle it!

Cover open and back of the "fur".
Inside, postcards and screenshots of characters from the movie in the left
And reproductions of posters in the right .

The end result in all its glory. (Now tell if it is not more eye catching than the official one? Eheh!)

Monday, March 11, 2013


A new DVD COLLECTOR EDITION on the brain-collection!


The Insider: A Michael Mann film, with Russell Crowe and Al Pacino.
An informant who worked for tobacco companies tell the whole story to a journalist.
The DVD BOX is like a Marlboro packet.

The changes in the pack of cigarettes:
The company, the label, all the graphical component of the box composed for another purpose, the movie.(As a DVD layout)

The sides:
On the left, the nominations for the Oscars 2000.
On the right, the theaters release date hidden in the barcode.

The top opens up as a package of Marlboro

With the DVD out of the box, the cover is redesigned to match the movie poster. Inside the case, a set of pictures described below. 

But within the BOX, some huge cigarettes: One way to keep the DVD safe without shaking in the inside...

And those pictures:
A set of images of anti-smoking awareness. Some smart graphics work, going for the quite gruesome and grotesque displays of reality that smoking causes in the human body.
So now you know: Don't smoke, folks!

Thursday, February 28, 2013



After delaying for too long my homemade boxes, here it is the first one  before the second Box (next week) continuing this second series (which contains over 4 issues).
Watch and comment!

Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd must be jealous ... My box may seem basic and simplistic, but well worth the hundred dollars that are recreated in the box (just kidding ...)

The dimension given to the packet is recreated with strips of cardboard glued together, wrapped in this simulation of a giant hundred dollar bill.

Retouched some words existing in the 100$ to include movie info (such as credits, title, etc.).

The reverse is a copy of the 100$ American Bill... Without changes.

The disc get off from the center of the box. With a strip to pull it, the DVD comes out smoothly.

Nothing complex, this homemade BOX was done in a blink of an eye...
The problem was the others, which I soon will reveal here in the blog.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

La Science de Rêves Gondry-Book-Style

La Science de Rêves

Here I went nuts and created a booklet on the good old fashioned way of director Michel Gondry. If it was about the Be Kind Rewind (again), I would call it the "Sweded edition."
You guys all know how he likes to create his sets and props with poor materials and recyclable, with clippings, papers and making it very "childish". Whoever likes it or not, just take a look at the clips he made to Bjork and see for yourself. Believe it, it is amazing...

First of all, I had everything in advance of paging and divide by the number of pages that I wanted to include.
Enlarging a few things here, remove some more unnecessary there and let's start printing!

The waved paper cartons serves perfectly to fit the book in the box.

The little window takes us to the dreamy world of the movie.
Just beautiful!

Removing carefully (with the help of the little window), the book comes out.
Still smell the glue.

It ended up with 14 pages - including DVD.
The book in my hands can look ugly and badly glued, but who cares? In this case, the more "home-made", the better! 
Open book, pages 1-2:
Highlighted the photos of the main characters and created a few clouds in cotton. Basic, right?

Pages 3-4:
An ode to the message that is told in the movie .I used some of the most famous and touching lines spoken in the film.
The bottom paper was glued with paper Craft.

Pages 5-6:
The outstanding visual. It is as if we entered in the fertile mind of Stephane.
And there's down on the bottom left, a small bonus:

Opening the image formed by two doors, we stumbled upon another image of the movie! It's like a world of illusion.
Pages 7-8:
Central pages. I could make a wallpaper from one side to another. I chose the scene of the giant hands.
The trick is shown on the pictures below ...

 Cut and mounted in order to rotate! Yes, the hands are movable on its axis!

Pages 9-10:
Starting the Technical credits, with a poster found in Deviantart (cannot remember the name of the author, sorry).

Pages 11-12:
Continuing the Technical credits. With the cast on one side and various information on the right.

Pages 13-14:
And finally the DVD, stuck in the cardboard.
In the poster on the left, even the labels are cut and glued on the cover. Another example of three-dimensionality. Or childish. Or Gondrynism, whatever... 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chucky - Good Guys Edition

Chucky - Good Guys Edition

The killer doll is on the blog! I decided to buy Chucky (The bride came as a couple) on ebay. It is in good condition, with just some faded colors. But the rest is great!
I do not have "permission" of my wife to get at my house the Full Size Chucky (it measures a good 15 inches!), I have to content myself with the action figures. Purchased the versions of the fourth film, "Bride of Chucky".

So, I wanted to creat a Good Guys Box, as seem in the movies.
In the Internet  we can easily find the exact images, either loose or the picture of the unfolded box.

Just rebuild and retouch in Photoshop with the right measures and voilá!

The rear also correspond perfectly to what is shown in the movies. I had a "headache" to get fit it all in a A4 size sheets, due to the limitation of my printer. But, cutting here, gluing there, it seems OK after all.

At the top, the opening paper is another loose piece glued to the packaging. Without tabs, which after all, it is not so hard to open.
Inside we find two sections: The assassin couple and their five films in slim Amaray DVD cases, all fit in.

It is true that the appropriate model to be inside would be the version of the first (and second) movie. Butjust look at them, hey, these two sadists with this large smile, behind the plastic, are so creepy!

Ehehe, I love to see them standing there, quiet as they are and all nice (and ready to rip the plastic to... attack!)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dirty Harry - Suitcase Edition

Dirty Harry - Suitcase Edition

Harry Callahan and his five films landed on my desk. I had to do something for them.
Clint Eastwood deserved something to be worth. Not the stuff they sell on a cardboard edition all around.
I need to say that I feel this case unfinished, where is missing some "gifts"...
In a briefcase 28 x 31 cms, I stayed away from these paper boxes. It seems to remember the James Bond and Matrix attaché cases.

The collage is inserted at the top, with an image from the official edition of the series. A little blurry, but it was the best we got ...

When you open the case, it is divided into small areas for different objects: The DVD, a booklet, a gun, handcuffs and ID badge.

At the top, a kind of wallpaper to give a warm welcome.

The identification card of Inspector Harry Callahan. Here we can see perfectly the biggest absence of the Edition: The badge No. 2211 San Francisco should be included, along with the Inspector ID.
An inspector never leaves home without his pair of handcuffs...

Yes, I know that this is not a Smith & Wesson model 29 ... For now, I have a cheap replica imitating those for kids.

The booklet created from scratch (paginated, printed and joined here at home) with cover art from Olly Moss (the great artist) and inside it contains other information about the five films: Synopsis, credits, trivia, notes production, etc. All the information was taken from Wikipedia.

Under the booklet, are the five DVD's in the Amaray slim box .

It may seem flashy, but I feel there is missing "something."
I've been thinking about joining it some police files as I did for the Police Academy Box, but this time focused on the criminals captured by Callahan. I also thought of creating a small album of pictures, format 10x15 cm black and white, but the pictures of the booklet already illustrate this aspect.
It really  misses the badge... I can find it on ebay for sale, I even could buy it tomorrow.
But it's a bit pricey for a so small bit of iron. I'll wait until the Chinese make it cheaper, ehehe. Worth waiting for...
And also maybe get some bullets to make it all nice!